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September 29th to October 1st, 2023

Greenville Convention Center, South Carolina


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Join us as we commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Liberty Dollar by Bernard von NotHaus, which was a revolutionary step towards Personal Privacy and Freedom, taking place at the Greenville Convention Center in South Carolina. Discover the history and impact of the Liberty Dollar, which reshaped the way we think about money and financial privacy, and was one of the greatest foundational steps along our journey back to the America we once knew. Engage with industry leaders, advocates of personal freedom, and thought-provoking speakers who are shaping the future of finance, privacy, and liberty. Immerse yourself in a day of enlightenment, empowerment, and entertainment, as we celebrate a quarter-century of challenging the conventions that others consider normal and taking our Stand as Free Men and Women!

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Greenville Convention Center, South Carolina.

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Live Music Concerts

Experience the power of music like never before, as we welcome Blind Joe to our stage! Blind Joe gave voice to millions of Americans during the ‟pandemic” lockdowns with his Internet Mega-Hit ‟I Will Not Comply,” and now he’s allied himself and his incredible talent with the Liberty Dollar.

He’ll also be joined by Blake Reynolds, one of Greenville’s own and an incredible performer of Christian Music in his own right. You’ll get to enjoy the sounds of both of these courageous and talented men each evening during the event, so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!


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Greenville Convention Center, SC

Greenville, SC continues to rank as one of America’s hottest destinations and features one of the most talked about Main Streets. So when your guests and attendees are looking for a little more to add to their stay, they can look no further than the award-winning restaurants, endless shopping, intimate theaters and outdoor adventures that are just minutes away.

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